Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Block 11 images

Was wandering the site again, and taking odd photos and found some interesting inner courtyards that had smaller curvelinear designs, assymetric layouts, and full mature plantings in the block shared areas. A tribute to the creativity of the designers who had variation at every location.

The impending planning issues and political machinations

The Planning department has begun the discussion along with the supervisor on the western neighborhoods and possible developments and impacts. Please send your issues to the Supervisors, Planners, and elected officials, as this will be on the agenda soon enough. The Oct. 2nd planning dept. meeting discussed the upcoming issue of traffic impacts, though no mention of rental housing impacts or possible destruction of historical resouces has been mentioned. The SFGTV link on the website allows you to flip to the 19th ave. item, and comment. With the implementation of the eastern neighborhoods and a total disregard for the General Housing Element and imbalance of rental and "market" rate development in SF, there is a definitive need for new and creative development that is similar in scale and size to parkmerced. The developers and private interests along with the mayor's office will assuredly make this a "beauty paegant project" and Transit oriented development emphasizing "sustainability" and green. But the real effects, and focus on a highly green and sustainable original development and the loss of its character and integrity is what is at risk.