Friday, September 4, 2009

Landscape Changes Continue Un-Abated

Parkmerced Investors and Stellar Management continue to work on landscape work, un-abated. New fern/palms adorn prior empty grass circles, boundary sides of the site have new "security" fencing. Additional signage pops up consistently overnight as lawn signage, or new "directional" signage. Entry features have been added at axis ends of the site. SFSU/CSU although facing major budget issues, consistently is working on landscape, and proposed rennovations for the fall term, while students struggle with increased housing and tuition. Meanwhile there is little information on the Historical Resources Analysis published by Page and Turnbull on parkmerced, and the AIA SF Arch in the city tour 2009 of Parkmerced sponsored by DOCOMOMO has been requested to be removed by Parkmerced Investors, Stellar Management and Craig Hartman of SOM. Sept. 2, 2009, noted in the SF Chronicle a $10,000.00 donation to Gavin Newsomes re-election campaign by Parkmerced Investors. Sept. 4th notes a possible revision to EIR/SF Planning Review by Gavin Newsome that highlights speeding up major EIR projects and review through the use of consultants. As the months progress, issues of "pay-to-play" development and the concerns of a total disregard for the need for new affordable rental housing is ignored by planning departments new EIR under Planning Dept. SF, Major Env. Analysis 2007.1275E. The stakes consistently increase, and few people in the economic concerns and issues, are aware of the total loss of this site. Although many photos have been taken consistently I have not been able to update the site based on these issues, but will continue to try and add images of the changes throughout the process, which dileate ongoing rennovations inappropriate to the site.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Notice of Preparation Environmental Impact Report

May 20th 2009 Parkmerced Investors LLP filed a NOP with the city and county of SF for an Environmental Impact Report for Parkmerced.
The document is available for viewing at
under agencies / planning dept. / MEA Major Environmental Analysis /
# 2008.00021E Parkmerced NOP

Scoping Hearing Date was set for June 8th, 2009 Monday 6-8pm at the Stonestown YMCA Annex

Comments may be sent until 5:00pm on June 19th to the Planning Dept. Attn: Bill Wycko.

(Additional Photos of changes since 2008/November will be posted shortly)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why people enjoy parkmerced...

Enjoyable, fall day, sunny skies, open space, and wonderfull lighting of the buildings and landscaped areas. The enjoyment does not come from the construction, the rennovations, or the consistent efforts to "change" parkmerced. It comes from the basic premise that well designed spaces and communities engender communal and shared respect of the spaces. Its obvious when you walk the site, what areas are cared for, what areas are neglected, and what areas "belong" to people, renter's, seniors, students, and families.

Architectural Abomination(s)

This photo represents the most recent attempts to ruin a modern development, in the recent front door change of a unit along crespi drive, noted and used currently by management as the "show-unit" for parkmerced. They have gone in removing all the interior doors, and replaced them with "home-depot" specials, along with tacky, half-window palladian lights on the front door, and large shiny brass hardware. The installation of such non-fitting design highlights the non-appreciation of the developer and rennovation team with the current physical design and simplicity of the existing doors and units. This typical effort to ruin parkmerced, prior to any adequate historical resources review, and state protection per the preservation laws deems the owners "un-worthy" of the ownership of such a parcel. I immediately sent an email to the owners representatives asking why such a door was installed, they are currently researching "why this occured" and have yet to formally respond to such a blatant negligent act of architectural abomination.

Parkmerced ad 1955 coutesty of

Air view of parkmerced

air view of parkmerced,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Block 11 images

Was wandering the site again, and taking odd photos and found some interesting inner courtyards that had smaller curvelinear designs, assymetric layouts, and full mature plantings in the block shared areas. A tribute to the creativity of the designers who had variation at every location.