Monday, November 17, 2008

Architectural Abomination(s)

This photo represents the most recent attempts to ruin a modern development, in the recent front door change of a unit along crespi drive, noted and used currently by management as the "show-unit" for parkmerced. They have gone in removing all the interior doors, and replaced them with "home-depot" specials, along with tacky, half-window palladian lights on the front door, and large shiny brass hardware. The installation of such non-fitting design highlights the non-appreciation of the developer and rennovation team with the current physical design and simplicity of the existing doors and units. This typical effort to ruin parkmerced, prior to any adequate historical resources review, and state protection per the preservation laws deems the owners "un-worthy" of the ownership of such a parcel. I immediately sent an email to the owners representatives asking why such a door was installed, they are currently researching "why this occured" and have yet to formally respond to such a blatant negligent act of architectural abomination.

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