Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quality additions, visual pastiche, and dollhouse blues...

I watched intently as the owners did the additions, trim, and accessorizing of the units. I watched as tons of materials went into plastering pre-manufactured off-site window frames, and caulk tubes get used up kitschifying and dollhousing the buildings on site. (Originally I protested to the SF board of Appeals on this, they responded that it was only "minor" alterations when there were only 3 permits and over 30 units being "worked-on" as a "mock-up" for the rest of the neighborhoods. The trim, on these windows due to construction of base units on gonzalez, are ill fitted, and look terrible on closer inspection. They added cornices, corner bands, and shutters that appear "tacked-on" and are against the minimal, and modern intentions of the original colonial modernism of the site. Visually the bottom sills appear to break through the tacked on trim, demanding that they remain in the fore-front.

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