Friday, August 29, 2008

Upkeep, and intentions

Carefully look at the tower recently painted, lines of patching, a thin added final coat, a quick finish, an obvious need for a second layer. The effort is meaningfull, but the execution questionable, and the intent is what we worry about most. Is it for a quick re-sale? Is the work to just push onward with the "new"? The meadow area shown had a huge tree that toppled back in 2006 approx. during a storm. Tenants checked it out, and the following week the tree was removed. The grass replanted. The tree never replaced. What is the owner's intentions, if not to profiteer? If profit is taken out of the equation, why does the emphasis remain on removing trees, and not replacing the dead or removed stumps? We had a courtyard tree removed over a month ago, no effort on removing the stump, no reason why the tree needed to be removed, no replacement tree. Just the Lorax standing on a stump, demanding to know why that tree was removed? Perhaps the Parkmerced Investor's LLP should tour the site, and see what there efforts are improving and what items they should themselves question?......

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