Friday, August 29, 2008

Painting a canvas (color theory 101)

Images and color-theory for parkmerced. With the new painting of the towers, they do start looking more austere, and sharp in contrast. The whiter neutral colors help the towers to stand solidly as images of a modern complex. We throw in here an image of the landscape which shows why the nature pushes to the forefront with a neutral and light background. The plants have a natural darker tone. The two images of blocks repainted and "accessorized" show the poor selection of colors, the windows and entry features are now emphasized. Some tenants (un-educated in color theory) find the marketing tactics, and varied color schemes to be enjoyable. The added trim work crowds the prior flat and plain buildings, the over-emphasis on tacked on materials and board panels, water table trim and accessorized openings does not add to the charm, it over-amplifies it.. Thus the term "Kitsch" in german "over-done"... The new lights are a consistent add and have been popping up throughout again, along with new mailbox openings, it seems the owners want to try the craftsman style, with the light selections, and the nautical ones. Again taking accent to the extreme. I would have preferred they attempted a straightforward rennovation, in line with State Dept. of Interior Standards on rennovations, abiding by preservation rules, and trying to improve the look without the accessories. Recent articles on similar efforts on east coast properties owned by stellar management begin to question intent, and the eventual proposed "tear-down" of the lower units questions further "sustainablity" and intent for all the money being placed into the "rennovations" and newness of parkmerced.

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