Friday, August 29, 2008

sunlight plays a special part of the site design

Sunlight does wonders for parkmerced, not only does the morning and afternoon become great places for people to walk, sit, play, but the sun provides great imagery, on the buildings, trees, and avenues. The mold and mildew is often held back by the sunlight able to get between buildings. The SFSU campus had legal issues related to densifying the campus, which promoted more mold growth. To build dense and tall in this neighborhood would promote health issues with mold growth. To provide low-scaled architecture that allows in the radial street design to bring sunlight in on the majority of faces of the buildings improves the sunlights work on the plants, and units. Kids play with their parents on a newly "rennovated" playground. We had pushed for involvement and joint effort on this, parkmerced management ignored us on this issue, selecting equipment that is small, and un-eventfull for children. Already parents question the selections, a lack of decent swings, merry-go-rounds, a sandbox, or other ammenties that would add to the bleak nature of the playscapes installed. The simple seating and areas built by the original design would be highly used if only the maintenance and improvements were co-sponsored and integrated with the original design. A group of students BBQ'd this last week adjacent to the 405 Serrano tower, a large gathering, an enjoyable afternoon, they brought in metal chairs, and did not use the simple low planter walls. Perhaps they were ignorant of the original design intent. Perhaps a simple installed BBQ area would improve the use? Well we do know towers are planned on both empty spaces per the Parkmerced "vision". This will eliminate any enjoyment in the sunny ends of days we witness here in these images.

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