Friday, August 29, 2008

SFSU Students must be back in town... Trash/Graffiti and...

The empty parking areas, the quiet strolls will be ended soon. SFSU is back in session. Again the increase is quite notable, in the number of students moving into parkmerced. The trash bins overflow with waste, boxes, ikea catalogs, and general excess. SFSU was to embark on more of a concerted effort on sustainable and shared materials, or a resource system but this never materialized in time for the fall schedule. Furniture begins to litter areas, as move-ins typically dont "measure" their units, and are forced to "abandon" furniture, or make a new purchase and dump in adjoining areas. A couple young ladies, recent move-ins, decorate their entry way with chalk symbolizing their new found freedom, and accessorizing the entry to encourage others to drop in and party. We do hope they are open to all visitors, as this is a "neighborhood" and of course its always nice to invite your adjoining neighbors a shared BBQ or evening soiree is fine, and not just invite half the SFSU campus for keggers. Will have to wait and see how the Party situation on site, occurs this year, as it usually starts slow, but the residents do start complaining quickly when out-of-control parties start to rise in number. Students were not notified of the recent changes in the renter's packets, the increased rent costs for "rennovated" units, nor the issues of construction sites at the library. The UPS blocks also have recent implemented changes like locked laundry room doors, that were prior open allowing pass-through of blocks. Once again the SFSU campus housing group ignores community. It is obvious when you walk the blocks that they are not maintaining units. Some areas look visually distressed due to non-maintenance and some areas are a serious hazard. The university corporation could be easily sued due to the lack of proper housing maintenance on the UPS and UPN blocks. We have sent notice of these issues to J.Porth of the relations PR dept. to SFSU.

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