Tuesday, July 22, 2008

405 Serrano Drive Huge Tree #1006 Removed

Another tree was removed over the last weekend, between the towers at 405 Serrano Drive also known as "the meadow", this was done with last minute with a quick notification being posted on tenants doorways after 6pm. The memo was dated July 18, 2008, and noted that the tree removal was to occur Monday July 21st. Well these photos were taken on the morning prior to notification, prior to the 21st. On the friday There was a series of A-frame street signs posted with a worded note of tree-work and not to park, but no info. or marking of the tree to be removed. The memo itself notes that "As beautiful as this tree is its roots are causing HAVOC to our walkways, causing hazards and concerns." What hazard is not stated besides the pavemennt repair. The area already had portions redone as is visible in the photos, and although the planter is cracked considerably the age of the tree is noticeably old based on size. The tree could easily be landmarked, along with a number of other trees on the site by the current owner. The extent that the tree rooting is affecting building service lines was undocumented. The pavement wood strips were already just recently replaced to prevent tripping. And the photos appear to denote that the un-levelness was not the major concern. This was a huge tree, one that served as possible migration and nesting locations for birds. The tree was not able to defend itself, and as usual the information sent out at such a late notice and so last minute, shows the true nature of the development and the rush to "fix" from the prior neglect of tree-maintenance on site. These tree's had been topped prior and the growth outside on edges tends to cause splitting and internal deterioration. Although the "topping" was a prior concern of maintenance. The notice I viewed in the leasing office stated from Arborwell that they had been reviewing this site for over 10 years... (Where is the Lorax when you need one...?) Further tree-cutting is scheduled, and yet no overall information on numbers to be cut, stage of disease, or condition has been given to tenants to date. The landscape is formed by the canopy and trees, and when you drive the area, whether brotherhood way, parkmerced, SFSU, or neighboring major streets, its obvious maintenance, and care has never been the priority. Perhaps it should be for all of our futures....

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