Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Craig Hartman's key descriptive words (June 24th Presentation)

Words give key character to the developments, and emphasis on certain lingo bodes again ill to the re-vision of parkmerced's beaux arts street layout and open character, and current population.

a) Paseo's (new form of street alley design)

b) hedge row's (another form of street)

c) parisianne street boulevards (another form of elitism in the re-design)

d) socially "vibrant" (meaning we dont currently have social activity, nor an urban "life-style")

e) create a "culture of cultivation" vs. one of "consumption"... (excuse me what the hell is the re-vision "eco-friendly" in its tear-down of the whole neighborhood? post rennovations?) Whose consuming who anyways, I think SOM and the developers are consuming Parkmerced with SFSU, not the other way around...

f) towers built first will "not impact" any existing housing.... (where are you from Craig the moon? construction at SFSU can be heard across the site daily)

g) "rich-tapestry" sorry we have one of those too its the landscape design, and its a tapestry worth more than the proposed 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13 story buildings you plan on cramming into the site.

h) "uniqueness" is what we have already at parkmerced one of 4 nationally, and only 1 of the developments that has not been attacked and changed by developers to date.

Always pay close attention to the verbage in presentation's as it usually underlines the real considerations of "green-$-greed" and redevelopment for the profit of some, the loss of tenancy and livability to others.....

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