Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parkmerced's Recreation Area (closed till creative arts center built)

A sad sign of what occurred during the prior "land-sales" to the SFSU Foundation is the prior ammenity of the recreation site of parkmerced. These images of the recreation center, and fields shows what has occured since the purchase by the SFSU Foundation, and transfer to CSU, for the future "Creative Arts Center" of SFSU. When parkmerced was built numerous children and adults congregated at this site as a community center. Since post leona-helmsley, the maintenance was deferred and post owners let the site decay. The installation of the montessori school breathed new life into the building for a time but the eventual shift of the school, and quick sell-off to the SFSU Foundation brought on only additional neglect. The center is currently closed, and used by the university as a storage bin. The basketball courts used by students is in terrible neglect, with cracked pavement, and no nets. The landscape areas are not maintained or cleaned, and the handball courts only accessible by walking in around the site. The fencing on site locks off most access on weekdays, and weekends, and the tennis courts seem also to be neglected. There are tenants and students who use the site, and the SFSU Softball signage is the only seemingly maintained portion of the site. The Softball woman's team had to fight to get the space as it is, and thus SFSU due to "explained" lack of funding seems unable to maintain or keep up what they have purchased. Therefore the need for "donor" sites, where funds are generated to create new facilities at the expense of other neighborhoods space. The low walls in the parcel seem a part of parkmerced, though lost to weeks and chain link fencing installed and locked up by the university, this area served a greater purpose which was open space for the tenants of parkmerced. The original design can be seen in the layout of the facilities and community center which had an open tunnel allowing access to the areas. Kids biked here from the towers, to play. Now the university stores its "emergency supplies" and only the softball field is made useable for the team sports. No areas used by tenants has been maintained or allowed to continue its prior function. No proposal by the SFSU Masterplanners, or the EIR and further MOU between the city and CSU regent negotiators included community input towards the original masterplanned community, its ammenities or there loss of use to the university! This again is how developments, state entities, and neglect all lead towards change that is not beneficial to the communities they prior served. The signage which states "Gate to remain locked in the open position during school hours or during public functions" does nothing to allow tenants in. They are now exluded members of the community. The wasted space, dead grass, deferred maintenance and locked gates show the treatment of community by the university and its masterplanners. Before kids biked all the way into this site, and could leave them un-attended. The c.v.c code posted denotes no such kid transport systems are allowed. Campus rules now dictate use, and lack of care. The SFSU Library gets the cash first, and the prior joint facilities are locked and fenced off, to prohibit tenants from enjoying the ammenities that were part of the original design of parkmerced.

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