Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SFSU Creative Arts Center vs. Parkmerced Community Recreation Area

A few more images of the area, its sad condition emphasized through years of neglect already by the SFSU campus. Tenants were never compensated, or rent reduced due to the loss of used on this site, and obvious deterioration that has occured. SFSU's new creative arts center has a donor, and a new architect selected. What happens to our prior ammenity? What happenens to our open space. The SFSU purchase of this site should be highly questioned, and the permits protested until the community receives some form of compensation, and possibly our rent's reduced for the loss of use of the site, and its demise due to neglect. Parkmerced's original outlay of 191+ acres has been reduced by these "land-sales" to the SFSU Foundation. The overall effect on our neighborhood and loss of ammenities is why we keep seeing densification as the "trade-off" and not renewal of our facilities. Landmarking Parkmerced's original district boundaries, could place a hold on such land-bait-switch tactics that have subverted our prior control of these areas.

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