Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Block 13 and Cambon Drive

Its simple small scape and scale that does the property its due, although sparsely planted this patio with minor effort could "sing" and be a pleasant urban pad. The tree although poorly maintained, has at least the hedges and surrounding smaller trees, perhaps this one could be replanted with a larger matching type, not much would be lost. The view of the cambon shopping centers east end shows where the proposed Parkmerced Vision shows a routed muni line which serves the tower's garages. Negligence and lack of maintenance has turned the shopping center into a wasteland. Although still used by tenants, the lack of maintenance has driven businesses out repeatedly. The proposed 4-5 story development will bring urbanity right to the footsteps of these units. The design shown by the developer was internally focused, blocked off and not shared in design and scope. The prior design of the area, was much better shown as a shared space, set back, allowing an open area and benches and planters. Fixing this areas should be the priority not the trim and guilding of the area. Neighborhood retail space was sold off, and now is being offered back in terms of density. The new scheme shows 225,000 s.f. of retail space. The same amount as what's shown in the mid-market scheme downtown. This is a peril for the neighborhood. The consistent push for retail when we have stonestown, ocean ave, west portal, and westlake, not to mention SFSU's masterplan which shows commercial on Holloway and Buckingham, and Stonestown's proposal for more density on their site... What's the priority and zoning currently? (Parkmerced is not shown as commercial, but developers sense the "NEED" for capitalizing on our mis-fortunes.)

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