Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Block 15 (150 Font) A view out, and down....

West side of the 150 Font tower from the 12th story, with a wonderfull view out over the low-scale landscape and architecture. The view down font, right at the south side of the photo another tree was removed, and not replaced. The inside of the courtyard is 3-4x as lush as the outside landscape. I look down below and another playfully designed public space courtyard lies in disrepair. Simple geometry, short sitting walls, and a couple posts, from a prior trellis, or feature removed by vandals. Now fenced in and under-used, the bushes cut consistently provide little protection. If nutured this space would thrive regardless of the weather... Left alone it bemoans an earlier day of sunshine, kids at play, seniors sitting on a bench side seat, and enjoyment of a neighborhood.

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