Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to do? Get away?

I step away from the tree carnage, look over towards the spot where I reviewed the curved wall and overlook from the west side of Chumasero's tower, I need air, a place to think, I drive down along brotherhood way, the engineered hilldside looking ominously bare from trees being removed and not replanted. The Block 37 corner around the maintenance building looks somewhat untouched, but painters are already at work. A dead tree stands in the Higuera Avenue area another at the corner of Arballo and Gonzalez, why cut a healthy tree when two dead ones are very visibly dead in front of the maintenance areas? Whose really pulling the decisions and day-to-day instructions in this madness? The Villas Parkmerced prior placed signs on the property, they stand like tombstones and are not removed. I wonder where to go to regain the peacefull quiet that was once the existence at parkmerced...

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