Thursday, June 26, 2008

Does this look familiar? The new transcribed with the old....

The Images Shown are from the website, and relate to the re-design and additions being recently proposed to this development in southern california. The owner has similar goals of "up-grading" peoples life-styles, the "hollywood" style entry re-design, and revised lineal plaza design, again tear-out the old landscape in favor of modern "renewal"... The rennovated pool building design is a modern scheme, (much better than their current CMU block building) however its placement, the integration of the original design with the proposed "new" additions bring into question "intent" and how preservation and modernity must be worked on cohesively and not without process. A remarkable image is the tower older windows, which we only have one left on 405 Serrano's north-west side. These windows functioned better for air, and opening than the current ones at parkmerced. Tenant's complaints are numerous and visible through the web-blogs, and info. The websites are for leasing info. and the Tenant's organization is at They have a "neighbors helping neighbors" program and a library program which both sound like great additions that could be made to Parkmerced's and PRO's outreach to tenants.

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