Saturday, June 21, 2008

SFSU "Dump-site" awaiting Creative Arts Center...

SFSU masterplan proposes a "creative-arts" center over on Parkmerced's former ammenity and open space site Lot 42 off of font across from the dorms. The reality was that after the initial purchase by SFSU no maintenance has been performed on the site. The gators softball field was created and everything else left to rot including one gem of a community center used by many Parkmerced children as play space ping-pong and other meeting facilities for the community. The next use was a Montessori school, and than owners cleverly moved the school out/off the site so that it could be sold to SFSU. Since than basketball courts, tennis courts, handball courts, landscape, grass, trees and walkways are in complete deterioration. The building also stands to be demolished, and is used as a storage space by the university. The fine examples of caged storage bins, and whatever toxic and misc. materials stored show a total disregard or respect for the surrounding community and its landscape history.

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