Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parkmerced "Vision" June 24 + 25th Meeting(s)

Latest "presentation" material presented to the tenants. (a) image shows block formations, totally gridded plans, and lack of any curvelinear elements. (b) Image of exisiting parkmerced shown from an air view. (c) image of transportation changes proposed that brings muni directly through the site. Caltrans and effects due to massive development, and additional proposed developments at 77 Cambon, 800 Brotherhood, SFSU, and Stonestown not mentioned. Supervisor District 7 Sean Elsbernd has proposed traffic studies, however no impact study on the rental housing market of the area since the sell off to SFSU, and developers. (d) list of meetings and community groups and associations reads like a laundry list, the planning team wants to show it has "out-reached" and received "consensus" from the community, when the most affected people the tenants at parkmerced have voiced their concerns and noted without a historical resources survey properly conducted and vetted there should not be a total tear-down of this district.

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