Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brotherhood Way Site (800) approved without an EIR by the SF Board of Supervisors

How can such a huge site, and a proposed 200 unit complex not require an EIR. The site sits on an engineered sloping site, with trees and plants that are a natural wind-block to the parkmerced homes on the hill. The flat plateau was in the historical air shots seemingly a small garden or nursery when the site was first planted, and a small walking path seems carved in. The later years show its mis-use and non-care as a future ammenity or possible extension of parkmerced. That the non-use, and negligence of prior owners was turned into an "instant" profit by a prior owner to create housing. (none of which is affordable) is highly troubling. An EIR should be mandated, write the supervisors, and city attorney's office on this one.... No site should be excused from an EIR, and no development approved in a vaccum per CEQA. State laws were flouted, Tony Hall flouted the law in flipping this north site to a "housing" site.. The right-of way and peace park will be at risk... So will a future ammenity and land-use that should have been belonging to Parkmerced as its open space design.

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