Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Block 13 (hesitate to think...)

Walking back a few steps I look up again, and see above the high wall in this patio the "live-large" at parkmerced slogan plastered on large banners that make the property an "add-used-car-lot" rather than a residence. The emphasis on "large" against the tall wall, reminds me of what "density" will do to this neighborhood. Proposals for 3-4-6-8-13 story buildings all will block views, sunlight, and remove scale and character. I look back and the framed entrance gives a glimpse of what lies beyond, a pleasant courtyard, the next one again I am jarred back to the reality of the north side, where a former hedge has been cut up and chopped, the painting scheme way too dark, and the effects horribly evident. A simple white painted wall, with full hedge and planted bed behind would improve this space, the "rennovations" keep taking their toll on this property.

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